Extended Afternoon Care (EAC)

Programs Eligible: TTH, MWF, MFAM

Schedule: Children join EAC after their morning programs end. Children in TTH programs eat lunch, which they bring from home, in EAC; MWF and MFAM children eat lunch in their morning classrooms. Additionally, families with children in the MFPM and TK programs who need a later pick-up option can enroll their children in Late Afternoon care from 4:30-5:30.

I have so much confidence that all of my children’s teachers (from primary classroom to extended care to floaters) know my children so well and that my children have a strong bond and affection for their teachers.

EAC is a joyful time for children in different programs to explore and play together together in one classroom. This program is designed to be laid-back and give children of different ages opportunity to combine the deeper exploration of their interests with learning opportunities that emerge from the care taking activities of napping/resting, eating, and dressing. All parts of the EAC day are infused with the extra nurturing that children may need during a full day at school. A typical day includes the following schedule:

  • A nap or rest time, tailored to individual children
  • Healthy nutritious snack
  • Extended outdoor play time
  • An indoor play-time that might range from a craft project to a dance party to dramatic play based on the children’s interests

Families may elect to sign up for a 4:30 or 5:30 pick-up option. The Little School is committed to supporting families with a broad range of needs and schedules. Families may enroll their children in EAC for one day a week, five days a week, or any number in between; but should we reach capacity with requests, priority will be given to families looking for full-time EAC care.