Extended Afternoon Care (EAC)

Hello Summer Extended Afternoon Care Families,

The Summer EAC program welcomes children from all of The Little School classes, bringing together children from ages 2 to 6. The relationships that emerge from mixing different age groups offer learning and growing in all directions. We look forward to sharing 7 weeks of engaging and imaginative dramatic play themes together. 


We know and respect that each child comes to EAC after a full and action-packed morning. In EAC, we create an environment that offers each child the opportunities for quiet relaxing moments of rest, connected moments of intimate care, and exciting engaging moments of play with peers.

This summer, children in the EAC program will spend half of their day in small groups and half of their day as a whole group in a relaxed open choice indoor/outdoor format. Each of the groups will follow a similar schedule: 

Small Group: Lunch Bunch Tues/Thurs (for children in onsite morning programs TTH)

Small Group: Nap Time/Cozy Time

Small Group: Open Choice Play with Open Snack  

Whole Group: Open Choice Play in Yard, Yellow Building, and Classroom 3 (EAC Room)

Nap Time/Cozy Time

We offer resting and napping options to accommodate each child’s ever-changing needs. During cozy time (for children who do not nap), children spend about 20-30 minutes on rest mats looking at books quietly and learning about how to relax their bodies in the middle of their busy and exciting day at school. If your child takes a nap, please refer to this Naptime Notes document.  A mat, sheet, blanket, and pillow are provided for children who nap. Please let us know if your child will keep an additional comfort item in his or her cozy time bag.


If you pick up your child before 3:30, please look for them, and their sign-out sheets, in their primary small-group classroom locations. If you need help, please feel free to enter any classroom, and we will point you in the right direction.  

If you pick up your child after 3:30, you will find all of the children and teachers together enjoying the yard, the yellow building, and classroom 3. The sign-out sheets will be stationed in the yard. Please expect that because of this lovely relaxed open format, you may not immediately see your child upon entering the classroom or yard. You may also need to specifically seek out your child's primary teachers to get the most accurate information about their day. If you need help to determine who to touch base with as you get oriented to our program structure, ask any permanent Little School staff and we will happily direct you.  

Please know that you are welcome to pick up your child any time before your scheduled pick-up time. On these occasions, you are welcome to linger in EAC and enjoy the space and community with your child, or to leave quickly if you need to. If you are running late for your designated time, please notify us via email or call the school at (415) 567-0430 with the approximate time of when we should expect you.

Please always sign your child out on the clipboard before you leave. Again, this may require you to go upstairs to locate the sign-out sheet during small-group, or locate the sign-out sheet in the yard during whole-group.

Additionally, if anyone who the teachers may not know well is coming to pick up your child, please let them know to come with their ID in hand. Also, please be sure to let us know when someone who is not on your child's approved pick-up list will be taking them home- the best way to do this is to email the teachers with the full name of the person who will pick up your child. We will confirm this person's name by checking their ID. Thank you so much in advance for taking the extra time to follow these important safety procedures. We really appreciate it!

Extra Clothing

Because of the messy and exploratory nature of the EAC program -- and the dirt and sand that accompanies the woods program -- please keep an extra set of fresh clothes in your child's backpack at all times. If your child uses their extra clothes, please pack a new set for the next school day. If your child comes home in clothes that are labeled "Little School," kindly return them as soon as possible. 

Note to Families of Two and Three Year Olds New to EAC 

In order to help your child feel as successful and comfortable in this new community as possible, we are very intentional in how we help you phase your child into EAC. Please check your inbox for a separate email regarding this process.  

We look forward to lots of fun and cozy times this summer in Extended Afternoon Care!


The EAC Summer Team