Out and About (TK/OAA)

Below you will find class-specific information as well as a note from the teachers. Please make sure you print the following calendar for your reference throughout the summer program: 

Out and About Summer Calendar 

Class meeting times:

Mondays-Fridays, 9am-1pm

Staff contact information:

Where We Will Be!

Depending on the day, Out and About will be meeting in different locations. Please print out the following:

Week 1, June 10-14: Golden Gate Park

Mother's Meadow

Week 2, June 17-21: Golden Gate Park, TWO LOCATIONS 

M-TH: Blue Playground 

F: The Academy of Sciences 

Week 3, June 24-28: 

M/W/F Fort Mason 149 MacArthur Ave, San Francisco, CA 94109

TTh pick up at Municipal Pier at end of Van Ness Ave

Week 4, July 1-5 *no camp July 4 & 5*:  

Crissy Field West Bluff 

Week 5, July 8-12: 

M-Th: The Little School

F: Randall Museum

Week 6, July 15-19: Lincoln Park/Golden Gate Park

M-T: Lincoln Park Playground Clement St.@ 33rd Ave

W-F: Blue Playground Golden Gate Park

pick up in front of second set of white zone @ de Young Museum, 50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive G.G. Park

Week 7, July 22-26:  Golden Gate Park

M-TH Peacock Meadow  240 John F Kennedy Dr, San Francisco, CA 94117

F: Sharon Meadow Building parking lot 300 Bowling Green Drive

Additional notes from the Out and About Team:

Summer means freedom and time to explore!  Each week the children and teachers will venture to a new, fun part of San Francisco.  This year’s Out and About program will focus on Golden Gate Park, Fort Mason, and other parks in our city. We will also meet at The Little School for a week, and from there we will visit local playgrounds and perhaps a surprise community spot. In Out and About, children and teachers come together to learn about and enjoy each space to the fullest! No doubt, your child will be able to teach you a thing or two about this city you thought you knew. 

Our locations balance open space, nature, history, and culture. There will be equipment for active play as well as books and art supplies for quieter “down time.” The teachers will organize games and projects according to the children’s needs. We will follow their emerging interests and help them build on ideas that are exciting to them. Our goal is to use the best places in the city to the maximum the extent of fun and adventure!

Drop-off and Pick-up:  

Please arrive at our daily destination as close to 9:00 a.m. as possible.  If you need to pick up or drop off early or late, please inform us beforehand so we can make arrangements.  Please be sure to sign your child in before leaving him/her at camp. 

What to Wear and What to Bring:

Please dress your child in comfortable layers: pants (no shorts unless it is hot), T-shirt, shirt, sweatshirt, and even a jacket (if necessary). Historically, we have found that the weather changes quickly and often jackets are needed in sudden mist or fog; please keep this in mind when getting your child ready in the morning. 

We’ll be applying sunscreen as needed, but we suggest you put some on your child at home as it (ideally) should go on before exposure to the sun. 

Your child must bring a backpack that she/he will carry every day. This backpack should contain a set of labeled extra clothes (no extra shoes), lunch (see below), and a small bottle of water. Fit of backpack is important for best handling and hiking. The pack should not be so large that it covers your child’s entire back and buttocks. Shoulder strap fit should be tested before use. Experience has shown that it can be uncomfortable for children to walk with a backpack that will not stay in position on his/her back.

Lunch (and bees):  

We ask that instead of packing your child’s lunch in a lunchbox, you put it into a soft bag or directly into the backpack. It makes the backpack lighter and easier to carry. Teachers will bring a mid morning snack of fruit and a grain for the group, but please feel free to include a separately labeled mid morning snack that provides energy for hiking too, especially if your child is particular about food. Please pack a water bottle everyday and avoid packing juice or soda, which can attract yellow jackets. Yellow jackets are very active in warm summer months. We try to help children learn how to stay safe when they are around.  We’ve learned that wasps have very bad eyesight and are easily alarmed by fast movements. Because of this, we try to help children stay very still so the wasps can find out that they are not a flower!  But of course, the yellow jackets aren’t just attracted to flowers. We try to cut out some of their favorite foods at lunch in order to reduce their visits. 

Each week we’ll let you know if we see a heavy bee population in any of our locations. In this case, we may need to limit meats, juicy fruits or anything sticky or gooey in lunches.

Rainy Days (and the phone chain):  

Unless it is actually raining, or rainfall seems inevitable according to weather reports and nearby parents, we will meet at our planned site.  If it is raining, we will meet at an indoor site (to be determined).  We plan to be very hardy and miss out on scheduled adventures only in the event of heavy, persistent rain.  Please remember to dress your child appropriately.  Layers!  Layers!  Layers!  Don’t forget a raincoat and rain boots if rain is a possibility. 

In the event of a rain day, you will receive a call by 8:30 am with our site for the day. We’re going to have so much fun! See you soon!

The Out and About Staff: 

Sarita, Jessica & Rachel