Class meeting times:

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 9:15-12:00

Staff contact information:

Drop off & pick up your child:

  • The class meets on Tuesday and Thursday from 9:15-12:00.

  • We meet in Classroom 1 in the Little School Main Building.

Additional notes from Lindsey, Sarah & Sue:

Welcome to the YTTH summer program! This letter is meant as an addition to the parent handbook digest, which will give you a sense of our basic program. If, after reading this, you still feel unclear about anything, bring your questions to our meeting on Wednesday, June 5th at 7pm.

We’re looking forward to a lot of fun, discovery, growth, and companionship. But first, we have a golden opportunity to help your child work through the developmental milestone of separation. It can be challenging and a little scary, but handled sensitively, can be a source of tremendous growth and pride. We ask that parents (or a trusted caregiver) be available to stay in the classroom for at least the first session and possibly a few more, to help us make a smooth transition. Here is a general guide to how phase-in will work this summer:

DAY ONE: Parent or caregiver stays all day.

DAY TWO: For most children, parent or caregiver leaves the classroom at some point. Some will go for 5 minutes, others for the entire morning, depending on the child.

We will cover all this and much more about separation at the Summer Parent Meeting on Wednesday, June 5th, at 7pm, so we ask that you make every effort to attend. If you can’t, please email the teachers before the first day of class so we can check in about your child and email you the Parent Meeting notes.

Please e-mail the teachers a digital copy of a family photo and a portrait photo of your child by May 31st  for their snack placemat and cubby.

See you soon!

Lindsey, Sarah & Sue