In a community people have different ideas, different values, different beliefs; what’s important is that we can all still respect each other.

Diversity is a foundational pillar of who we are. We take very seriously the mission to create a community that is complex, multifaceted, and welcoming to all.

We are strongly committed to providing economic diversity in our school body through our discounted tuition program. Currently, approximately twenty percent of families from a wide variety of economic situations receive tuition discounts. Some families pay as little as $25 per month, while others pay 90 percent of the standard tuition – and a range of options in between. Last year we were fortunate enough to distribute over $250,000 in tuition assistance.

We value family diversity, and celebrate the fact that families come in all different packages. Included in our community are families comprised of single parents, gay and lesbian families, and adoptive families, as well as families of many different races and ethnicities. We are committed to creating a diverse learning environment, and we encourage prospective and current families to ask us more about it.

It is only through viewing the world through the lens of someone who is different than us that we can truly stretch our horizons. We are honored to provide this opportunity for children, families, and staff - and love the adventure of finding commonalities where there would seem to be few.