Families have made sure that the school’s values come alive through their active support. This kind of participation creates a stronger institution and a quality education for our children, provides a positive model for them of how a community works, and leads to the satisfaction that comes from involvement.

We have volunteer opportunities that suit a variety of individual and family circumstances and schedules. Our volunteer coordinators help our families find the right place for each person’s talents and circumstances. The opportunities range from helping organize meals for a family who has just given birth, substitute teaching, hosting whole-school events, being a docent for orientation tours, reading stories aloud to classrooms, and more.

We also recognize and honor that many families do not have schedules that would allow them to engage in extensive in-person volunteering. We are grateful for every member of the community, and welcome whatever gifts they bring to the table.

Additionally, we love welcoming students training to be teachers into our classrooms. If you are interested in volunteering as a student teacher or intern at The Little School, let us know.