Tuition & Program Costs

We are still astonished by our good fortune at being able to be part of The Little School, and deeply grateful for the financial aid that made it possible. We are better parents for having been here, and our daughter has flourished.

Discounted Tuition

Since its inception, The Little School has provided discounts in tuition to families that feel the cost of attending the school would pose a financial hardship. We are deeply committed to including families from a wide range of economic situations in our community, and we encourage families to apply for our Discounted Tuition program. During the 2017-18 school year we awarded $270,325 in tuition assistance, supporting 18% of our families in attending The Little School.

Families who qualify for Discounted Tuition pay a fee that reflects what they can afford and the school’s available funds. Decisions are made based on information from School and Student Services (SSS), which impartially analyzes the financial information families provide and computes a recommended family contribution for tuition. The Little School’s SSS code is 2883. We also require the current year’s tax returns. The process is anonymous and confidential. 

Preschool For All

The Little School is happy to be a Preschool For All provider school. As part of this program, we award tuition reimbursements to the families of all four-year-old children who live in San Francisco. Preschool For All also provides our staff with free professional development opportunities, and allows us to incorporate specialists and therapists into our program to help us better understand children's diverse profiles. As a school dedicated to inclusive practices, we are proud to partner with a program dedicated to expanding access to preschool for all San Francisco children and families.


Tuition & Programs Costs

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Extended Care Tuition & Program Costs

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Children enroll in Extended Care programs for the entire school year; tuition prices reflect yearly cost per day.

Children in MFAM and MFPM who are enrolled in Extended Care programs on Mondays (Woods Days) are transported to/from The Little School for Extended Care.