It is no exaggeration to say that it feels like coming out of a dark cave into the light to finally be in a school where we are all supportive and appreciative of my child and of each other.

The Little School is committed to serving children with diverse developmental profiles, including children with identified special needs. Being an inclusive school benefits every child, teacher, and parent in our community. Including a range of children with unique strengths, challenges, and interests strengthens the social competence and understanding of every child in the school. This wide range of learners also encourages our teachers to develop teaching strategies and learning tools, and push their practice to the next level.

All children and families deserve to be a part of the same community. If a child is struggling to be understood, we not only help give him language, but help his peers learn to be patient and to listen. If a child is working to be safe with friends, we help develop her tool kit for using her body – and help her friends know how to keep themselves safe.

We know that parenting a child with diverse needs can present a unique set of challenges, and that this parenting journey can feel very lonely. We host a monthly Parent Support Group, available for parents in our community with developmental concerns about their children, and provides a valuable source of connection for parents. We also host a yearly Inclusion Event, in which we work to demystify inclusion to The Little School community.

Above all, we continually refer back to the oft-heard Little School refrain: "Everybody has strengths; everybody is working on something. What are you working on?"