Summer at The Little School

The Little School Summer Program is a joyful experience in which the relationship-based inclusion approach that characterizes our school year finds its stride in a relaxed, laid-back summer setting. Our Summer Program is staffed primarily by Little School teachers. As an added benefit, Little School alumni between 11 – 15 years old join each group as volunteer assistants – and become easy favorites with the children. Additional staff are often former Little School students who work as assistants for several years and stand out for their maturity and talent with children.

Dates: June 11th – July 26th * June 10th Orientation Day * July 4th & 5th School Closed

YTTH/OTTH: Introduction to School * 2.0-2.11 years old * TTH 9:15-12:00 *

These programs are designed to be a first school experience for children. Because of the importance of consistency in making the big transition to school, this option is only available as full enrollment, and we ask that families commit to attending for the entire seven-week period. Children must be two years old by June 11th to be dropped off for summer program.

YMWF/OMWF: Summer Camp at School * 2.9-3.11 years old * MWF 9:00-12:30 *

These programs are intended to be a step up from the two year old year, with routines introduced like circle time, clean up, and having lunch at school! Families can expect a regular Little School routine, with summer favorites thrown in like Pajama Day, Barefoot Day, Tea Party Day, and Camping Day. Program is on site at Little School and children are asked to bring a lunch from home.

MFAM/MFPM: Outdoor Adventures * 3.6-4.9 years old * M-F 9:00-1:00 *

These programs are intended for children who are four years old or who will be soon. From a different drop-off base each week in the Presidio or Golden Gate Park, the group will hike, play, and learn about nature in the urban wilderness. These programs are outdoors all the time, and children are asked to bring a lunch from home.

TK: Out and About * 4.6-5.0 years old * M-F 9:00-1:00 *

This program is intended for our oldest group of children – those who are already five years old or who will be soon. Children and teachers will discover a fun part of San Francisco from a different drop-off base each week. We’ll visit some classic favorite spots such as Ft. Mason and Sutro Heights, and uncover some hidden treasures of our city. This program is outdoors all the time, and children are asked to bring a lunch from home.