Matt Linden, Executive Director

Matt Linden, Executive Director


At The Little School, we understand that relationships are at the heart of a joyous and fulfilling educational foundation. Our entire team takes great care in getting to know your child: their strengths, their challenges, their passions, and what makes them smile. We develop strategies to help them build their social and emotional - as well as cognitive, physical & linguistic - skills, to make them feel welcome and cared for. Our approach is to individualize learning for each and every child to ensure that they are appreciated, respected, and celebrated - from the initial phase-in period when we create a separation plan together, to their eventual transition out of The Little School to kindergarten.

When a child joins The Little School, their entire family joins our community. We take seriously strong family-school partnerships and invest in strengthening the relationships and building the trust between teacher and student, student and parent, and parent and teacher. We build bridges of communication to connect the child’s school life to her home life, and draw upon the expertise of our staff and all educational stakeholders associated with the child to form a cohesive developmental plan. Our supportive community, in which everyone feels respected and included, helps to create a solid foundation, upon which learning can thrive and relationships can flourish. We are committed to helping everyone in our community grow in their ability to communicate and respect one another.

Our amazing facility, which we are honored to call home, was intentionally designed to welcome all types of learners. In addition to our modern and mindfully designed classrooms, with their lofts, cozy nooks, and peekaboo windows, our expansive indoor Sky Room provides a space for physical exploration and gross motor development. Our yard is home to a vast sand area, a wiggle stream, greenery & plant life, and a special Yellow Building for small-group pull out social sessions with children.

I invite you to visit The Little School to see us in action, where you will marvel at our masterful teachers, the joyous and loving environment, and the intentional ways in which we guide your child’s growth and development.


Matt Linden

Executive Director