Molly Huffman, Interim Executive Director

Molly Huffman, Interim Executive Director



Since 1984, The Little School has offered a program for children in San Francisco dedicated to inclusion, diversity and high quality early childhood education. We are a nationally recognized, relationship-based, inclusive preschool.

We believe that children thrive in an environment where they are appreciated, respected and supported. As relationships are the key to learning and growth, they are at the core of The Little School social emotional learning. Little School children learn how to identify and express feelings, solve problems, work with peers and self regulate. The Little School is committed to serving children with diverse developmental profiles, including children with identified special needs. Being an inclusive school benefits every child, teacher and parent in our community. A wide range of learners encourages our teachers to develop strategies and learning tools, and push their practice to the next level. 

The Little School teachers are the heart of the school. Each child’s educational journey is unique, learning and development come over time. Our teachers are adept at helping each child develop his or her unique strengths and talents. The emergent curriculum and hands-on learning help children develop a love of learning that we hope will last a lifetime. Last year students became interested in food and food trucks and built a very San Francisco style food truck. This year the MFPM students were passionate about bees and invited a bee-keeper to the classroom as they learned all things about bees and making honey. The Woods Program for older students takes advantage of our location near the Presidio and every Monday our students explore the outdoors as teachers provide our city kids with long stretches of nature play and outdoor exploration.

We value diversity in many forms, and Little School families come in all different packages. Included in our community are families comprised of single parents, LGBTQ and adoptive families, as well as families of many different races and ethnicities. Likewise, our teachers come in many packages so that our staff diversity mirrors that of our families.

The Little School community seeks to nurture and support strong relationships. Many of our alumni return to volunteer in the summer program and some of our older alumni are now Little School parents. Teachers have been here on average 8.5 years, and several teachers have been here for 30+ years. While we continue to innovate and grow as a professional learning community, we also value continuity and traditions. I invite you to tour The Little School and see our program in action.